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Thursday, December 26, 2019
Wednesday the 25th
At the request of the Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Penfield Volunteer Firefighters were called out at 12:45pm to the Coyote Den & Overlook Trail in Ellison Park (South) for a hiker that was down with a possible ankle injury.  Firefighters entered the trail from both Penfield Rd side and Blossom Rd side and began hiking in to locate the injured individual.  While out the Pittsford Fire Department was specially called by Penfield Command for the use of there ATV to assist with patient removal. 
Fortunately the patient was located on a trail behind the Gentles Farm Market field which was easy to access.  As Firefighters and EMTs packaged the patient and placed them into a stokes basket the AVT was driven across the field right up and into the wood line to create the shortest distance possible for rescuers to carry the patient out.  Once loaded the AVT drove the victim to an awaiting ambulance.  This whole operation lasted just a little over an hour. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Last night Penfield Volunteer Firefighters, The Penfield Volunteer Ladies Auxiliary Members, and The Penfield Fire Exempts along with their family members all sat down and participated in the Volunteer Fire Company's annual fund drive. The members hand stuffed and stamped over 11,000 envelopes to be sent out to all residents and businesses which are protected by the Penfield Fire Company in hopes that the residents and businesses will return a donation.
Please keep an eye out on your mailbox for our letter. Know that each and every one of those was put together right here in the fire station by volunteers helping to protect Penfield.

June 13th

On June 13th around 11:30am volunteer firefighters were called to a car accident on Route 250 in front of the Platinum Building. Arriving firefighters attended to the victims and secured vehicle hazards and were out for about 20 minutes.
As firefighters were picking up and leaving the scene of the crash the Penfield Base Radio Operator called the 911 Dispatcher over the fire frequency reporting an emergency at the fire station for a woman who walked in having a medical problem. Upon hearing this firefighters raced back to the station in the four corners to render aid. While the trucks were responding from Rt 250 other firefighters had showed up and had begun treatment for the patient. The Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance arrived quickly and took the patient to the hospital.
Today that patient showed back up at the station showing her appreciation by dropping off home made cookies, a fruit bowl, and a thank you card.

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The Penfield Fire Company is comprised of 100% VOLUNTEERS of both men and women living in the community of Penfield, NY. Our Units operate within a 30 square mile district that covers over 11,500 residences which makes up a large portion of the town of Penfield along with areas in the town of Perinton. We respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year to help anyone in the community during a time of need.


West Webster 12-24-12

West Webster 12-24-12
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