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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Explosion at Bruegger's 2200 Penfield Rd 8/16/18

Volunteer firefighters were dispatched to the Bruegger’s Bagels located at 2200 Penfield Road at 0457 hrs this morning for the report of an explosion. The first arriving Chief Officer after making sure everybody was out of the structure reported smoke coming from the building with the front of the store blown out. Upon further investigation it was determined that there was an active fire inside the kitchen area.
When the explosion actually happened there were two employees were inside the structure who were able to exit the building prior to the arrival of responding units. Remarkably neither were injured.
Crews quickly extinguished the fire and secured the gas to the structure. The adjacent Sherwin Williams store sustained some damage to ceiling tiles as well as paint containers that were knocked off the shelves.
Penfield crews were assisted on scene by Fairport Fire Department while East Rochester Fire Department provided a fill in.
The explosion appears to have originated in the area of an oven. The exact cause of the explosion is being investigated by Rochester Gas and Electric and the County Fire Investigation Unit.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

House Fire July 5th 2018

At 4:30 this morning the report of a house fire on City View Drive came in with the report of person in a wheelchair trapped in the basement  Minutes later first arriving chiefs confirmed that everybody (and pets) was out of the structure but had a fire in a bathroom upstairs.  Firefighters knocked down the fire quickly keeping the extent of the damage to just the bathroom.  As luck would have it for the home owners the upstairs portion was empty as all the furnishings had been removed and relocated to other portions of the home.  Because of the lack of fuel there was very little fire spread throughout the upstairs.  This fire was hot enough to burn through the bathroom door itself and had there been furniture upstairs the fire would have continued to grow at a rapid rate.
The fire appears to have started on the floor around some items but the Monroe County Investigators are still determining an exact cause.  Firefighters were back in service two and a half hours later.

Over the years this is the 7th fire on July 5th -
July 05th 1953 - Corwin Rd House Fire
July 05th 1966 - Baird Rd  House Fire
July 05th 1969 - Henderson Drive House Fire
July 05th 1972 - Penfield Rd Frantonie’s Beauty Shop Structure Fire
July 05th 1976 - Hilltop Dr House Under Construction House Fire
July 05th 1981 - Jackson Rd Penfield Country Club Structure Fire
July 05th 2018  -City View Drive House Fire
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

House Fire June 27th 2018

Busy day for Penfield volunteers this morning as at 8:03am a call came in for the report of a vehicle on fire in the garage on Chippenham Drive. Once on location firefighters found a well involved car in the garage.  Making there way through the rear door of the garage firefighters made a swift knock down and kept the fire damage mainly to the garage only.  There was smoke damage to the interior of the home however.  The fire appears to have started in the vicinity of the vehicle and is being further investigated by the Monroe County Fire Investigation Unit.
While on scene of the fire Penfield received another alarm for forced entry on City View Drive which was handled by the fill-in crews.
Once Penfield volunteers firefighters were back in quarter at 11am and just starting to wash and decon the equipment another call came in for an automatic fire alarm on Fiddlers Hollow.  That however did turn out to be a false alarm. 

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West Webster 12-24-12
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