Alarm Totals for 2017

January --- 54
February -- 56
March ----- 145
April ------- 58
May -------- 80
June ------- 68
July --------
August ----
October ---
November -
December -

Alarms - 461
Drills - 20
Meetings - 6
Other Details - 7
Total - 494

Alarms -868
Drills - 36
Meetings -12
Other Details - 15
Standby - 3
Total - 934 activities for 2016

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March was a busy month for volunteers

March 2017 turned out to be a busy month for Penfield volunteers.  The month started out with a windstorm  reaching 64MPH winds that produced a dozen alarms in a few hours the late night of March 1st, three days later on the 4th volunteers would be called to a house fire on Creek street as some of the coldest temperatures of the season set in, and four days later on the 8th 81MPH winds tore through Penfield and the surrounding towns.  That storm alone produced over a month's worth of alarms over the various hours that kept volunteers busy.  And right in the middle of the month 26.2 inches of snow fell. 
In total well over 100 calls for the month, including several stand-bys, plus the regular drills and monthly meeting.
Thursday, October 13, 2016

House Fire on Penfield Rd

Volunteers were awoken early this morning at 2:30am  by a report from the police reporting a house on fire on Penfield rd.  The 2nd Assistant Chief quickly arrived on location and confirmed a fire on the exterior of the house that was beginning to extend into the eves.  Shortly afterwards Penfield engine 373 arrived and knocked down the bulk of the fire while crews from other arriving units went inside and checks for any fire extension.  An engine from East Rochester FD was called to the scene while an engine from Fairport FD provided fill in coverage.  Firefighters were out for about 2 hours

Monday, September 12, 2016

9-11 Care Package from “Little Helping Hands” group

As Penfield Volunteer Firefighters were responding to a call for help yesterday afternoon (9/11/16) the volunteers of the Qualtrough Rd station were greeted with a care package left by the door.  Inside were individual 10 bags filled snacks and small hand written anonymous note reading -
“Thank you for what you do!  Enjoy the treats, please share.  Sincerely, Little Helping Hands”
Each bag was labled :
Survival Kit
For First Responders

Life Savers
To remind you of the many times you have been one

For the burst of energy you’ll need

Because you’re not doing it for the money

Hershey Kisses
Because you deserve them from everyone

To help your unit stick together

Tootsie Rolls
To help you roll with the punches

Peppermint Patty
To help keep you cool

To remind you to keep your sense of humor

For the “Mound” of courage you need

We would like to reach out and say thank you to the individuals whom left these for us as this was such a thoughtful and warm gesture.   Thank you for taking the time to put these together and thinking of us on this day.


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West Webster 12-24-12
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