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Monday, May 28, 2018

Volunteer Firefighter in need of a Kidney

Longtime Penfield Fire Company member Steve "Snapper" Preston is in need of a Kidney.  Please consider helping someone who has spent countless hours helping others.
To become a donor fill out the following form and be sure to tell them you are looking to donate to Steve Preston from Penfield NY, DOB 5-31-57.

** FYI** due to the overwhelming support from the public, Upstate Medical has asked that all parties interested in helping to please fill out the online form here -

This process will help Upstate Medical find a match quicker.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Car Fire 3/22/18

Volunteers were called out this afternoon for a car fire on Hornbeam Lane.  Arriving firefighters found a car in the driveway with an engine compartment fire.  Despite the loss of the vehicle luckily for the owner the car wasn't in the garage and it was parked far enough away from the house where it didn't do any damage to the structure.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Three small fire in 14 hours

Yesterday afternoon at 3:55pm the fire company was dispatched for a report of a fire in the Charles Finny school on Five Mile Line Rd. A small fire broke out in the science room but was contained and did not spread. There was minimal damage to the flooring and some cabinetry but the building itself was not damaged. The fire was discovered by the staff doing there rounds.

2nd, a report of a vehicle fire last night at 9pm at the town hall on Atlantic was contained to the engine compartment.

Third, this morning around 6:45am the fire company was called to the Child Time Day Care Center on Rt 250 by an automatic fire alarm. Staff immediately evacuated the very few occupants that were there at the sound of the alarm and then discovered a small appliance fire. The fire was quickly knocked down, some plastic containers and window treatments were involved. Again the building was not damaged in any way. The staff of Child Time did drop off some donuts in appreciation.

After that the fire company has been on one other call so far today.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March was a busy month for volunteers

March 2017 turned out to be a busy month for Penfield volunteers.  The month started out with a windstorm  reaching 64MPH winds that produced a dozen alarms in a few hours the late night of March 1st, three days later on the 4th volunteers would be called to a house fire on Creek street as some of the coldest temperatures of the season set in, and four days later on the 8th 81MPH winds tore through Penfield and the surrounding towns.  That storm alone produced over a month's worth of alarms over the various hours that kept volunteers busy.  And right in the middle of the month 26.2 inches of snow fell. 
In total well over 100 calls for the month, including several stand-bys, plus the regular drills and monthly meeting.

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West Webster 12-24-12
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