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January --- 69
February -- 75
March ----- 71
April ------- 58
May -------- 71
June ------- 73
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Alarms - 417
Drills - 20
Meetings - 7
Other Details - 4

Total - 448 activities for 2015

Alarms -749
Drills - 37
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Other Details - 15

Total - 813 activities for 2014

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Mutual Assistace to Union Hill

Penfield volunteer firefighters were call to assist with a large fire in Union Hill on Sunday the 8th right around 10pm.  Penfield met up with several other departments and assisted Union Hill with there fire.  Engine 372 ended up laying a small section of hose for water supply, then the crew ended up in staging for a bit but then were moved to the rear of the building and placed on hand lines.   Penfield was released from the scene roughly 3am and then spent an hour cleaning equipment back at the fire station. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Garage Fire

Wednesday, May 20th was a busy day for Penfield volunteer firefighters as they responded to a total of 7 alarms for the day.   They including 3 automatic alarms, 1 car crash, 1 report of the odor of natural gas, a medical emergency, and a garage fire.

The garage fire came in just shortly before 5pm on Camberley Place.  An alert neighbor saw the fire on the outside of the garage and quickly called 911.  Then quick thinking neighbors kept the fire in check prior to the arrival of the fire company.  Damage appears to be limited to the one side of the garage.  The cause is still being investigated.

Firefighters were out over an hour before heading back in service just after 6pm.
Tuesday, April 14, 2015


As the town grows and changes some properties are demoed along the way to make room for the next new project.  Just before demo sometimes these properties can offer one last opportunity in the form training to the community’s local fire company. 

Volunteer Firefighters spent a Saturday morning performing roof operations working with ladders and saws cutting ventilation holes.  Ventilation is an important step in the firefighting process to stop the horizontal spread of fire.  As fire naturally spreads upward once it hits a barrier such as a ceiling it then spread outward consuming more rooms and contents.  By cutting vent holes it gives fire/heat/smoke an escape up and outward into the atmosphere. This slows the spread of fire from room to room plus relieving the oven like condition on the firefighters doing interior work. 

Training and practice helps keep the firefighter efficient and safe while doing such dangerous work up on the roof. The fire company sincerely appreciates the property owner’s willingness to allow such important training exercises to occur. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Motor Vehicle Crash on RT 441 leaves victim trapped

Saturday 4PM - Firefighters were just getting back from an automatic fire alarm from a local business when they received a call for a car accident with a person possibly trapped on RT 441 in between Gloria Dr and Jomanda Way.  The Fire Chief was first to arrive finding a 3 car accident with one car on its roof with a person trapped.  Firefighters used the Rescue 42 Jacks along with step cribbing to stabilize the vehicle, then the Hurst Maverick and Cutter tools were used to free the victim.  The victim was removed fairly quickly and taken to a local hospital.

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West Webster 12-24-12
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