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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


As the town grows and changes some properties are demoed along the way to make room for the next new project.  Just before demo sometimes these properties can offer one last opportunity in the form training to the community’s local fire company. 

Volunteer Firefighters spent a Saturday morning performing roof operations working with ladders and saws cutting ventilation holes.  Ventilation is an important step in the firefighting process to stop the horizontal spread of fire.  As fire naturally spreads upward once it hits a barrier such as a ceiling it then spread outward consuming more rooms and contents.  By cutting vent holes it gives fire/heat/smoke an escape up and outward into the atmosphere. This slows the spread of fire from room to room plus relieving the oven like condition on the firefighters doing interior work. 

Training and practice helps keep the firefighter efficient and safe while doing such dangerous work up on the roof. The fire company sincerely appreciates the property owner’s willingness to allow such important training exercises to occur. 

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The Penfield Fire Company is comprised of 100% VOLUNTEERS of both men and women living in the community of Penfield, NY. Our Units operate within a 30 square mile district that covers over 11,500 residences which makes up a large portion of the town of Penfield along with areas in the town of Perinton. We respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year to help anyone in the community during a time of need.


West Webster 12-24-12

West Webster 12-24-12
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