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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Keeps Volunteers busy durning the night

Although the center of Hurricane Sandy was about 500 to 600 miles away the affects of the storm made their way here to Penfield, NY.  Winds and rain started gusting Monday during the daytime but became more severe as the night approached.  The first storm generated alarm would come in at 17:23 Monday evening for wires burring in a tree on Keyel Dr.  From there volunteers would be called upon 30 more times over the next 24 hours for help.  The alarms came in waves as the night progressed:
  • First 8 calls Monday 17:23 - 20:30
Volunteers were dispacther to:
17:23 Keyel Dr for Wires,
17:42 Phaeton Dr for fumes,
18:42 Woody Ln for Wires,
19:11 Phaeton Dr for Wires,
19:37 2100 Block of  Carter for a large tree down that knocked out power to several homes,
19:59 3500 Block of Atlantic for a large tree on wires,
20:25  Glazer Dr for a tree on a home
20:33 Liberty St for a tree down on wires
  • Next 11 calls Monday 22:12 - Tuesday 01:22
As these next series of calls came in the storm was just about at its height with heavy wind and rain.  During the 1:00 AM hour the entire horizon lit up as the storm took its toll on the electrical grid as transformers blew and wires arched against trees or each other.
22:12 White Village Dr for water in electrical box in basement,
22:18 Browncroft Blvd and White Village for wires down,
22:28 2400 block of Browncroft for wires down,
23:11 Keyel Dr for wires arching,
23:15 2100 block of Five Mile Line for wires,
23:15 Five Mile Line and Whalen for a tree down which knocked out power to several homes,
23:27 Dovehill for tree on a house, 
00:06 Austin Dr for wires down,
1:22 Lazy Trail for a tree down in the road way
  • The next 7 Tuesday 5:09 - 10:42
As Tuesday progressed the call volume decreased and the worst seemed to be over:
5:09 Gebhardt for water in the basement,
8:52 Hillcrest for water in the basement,
10:27 Shirewood for a large tree down with wires,
12:38 Shirewood for water in the basement,
15:06 1900 block of Five Mile Line for water in basement,
15:22 Salt Rd for an automatic alarm,
19:23 High School Dr for wires down,


Some volunteers ended up spending more then a day and a half responding to the community as a result of damage done.  Residents are saying that this won't be a storm that will be easily forgotten to the area.  Sandy left its mark on Penfield when two large willow trees were toppled over on the northeast property changing the landscape at Five Mile and Whalen.   At the height of the storm Weather Underground reported that the highest wind speed was 55 MPH with a low Barometric pressure of 29.07 around 3:00 AM.   A very dangerous storm that left a lot of devastation in its wake.

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West Webster 12-24-12
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